Full Name Teneris
Title The Raven
Hometown Unknown
Race / Type Human / Raven
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 15
Height 5'4
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Weapon Hair, Magic
Spells Extension,
Family Unknown.
Fic Character

Teneris is a young, cute boy who is the second partaker of the Necron's Cup Tournament, he is the most reluctant to partake but understand he has to. In the story he takes the lead as the main "female" protagonist.


Teneris has shoulder length black hair, very light blue eyes and pale skin. He usually wears black clothing, his usual outfit merely consists of a black shirt and black jeans, when it is cold or raining he wears a black jacket.


Teneris uses the 'clumsy and cute' archetype, he does not find any reason to fight but enjoys the fact that he is no longer alone due to the tournament. Teneris seems to be very submissive, as he watches others fight instead of getting involved, mosely due to fear or lack of self-confidence.


Teneris has stated that his background isn't very interesting. He lived alone for a majority of his life, with his parents checking in on him once every few months. He never went to any school, but instead was forced to teach himself everything he should know, which did not work out to best expectations. Teneris doesn't talk about his past very often.







In battle, Teneris can extend his hair and use it as a weapon. He attacks in form of a whip, spear or immobilizes the enemy. Overall he is not very strong, but he can greatly support any ally.


Teneris is the epicenter of emotional tension, many characters change their views on other characters due to his presence. He holds the highest emotional importance in the entire story.


Teneris is currently in love with Gear, finding that the older man's protective arms are what he wants. He is constantly thinking about the angel. Teneris is also loved by Verr, he used to have a very close relationship with the vampire until Gear showed up.

Teneris also loves his mother.


Teneris absolutely hates his father as well as Necron.




Teneris comes from the Latin word tenere which means "To hold", it can also mean "Tender" in Italian.


It is said that Black is his favourite colour,

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