Necron's Cup is the main plot point of the story, it's purpose was to call forth warriors who would battle for the cup of Necron. All seven warriors are forced to partake in this tournament.

Character's in PlayEdit

The Necron's Cup forces seven characters into the tournament, it is said that they would take very close relations to a: Demon, Bird, Angel, Snake, Spider, Dolphin and a Dragon.

Known character's forced to partake in the tournament include:


The objective of the tournament is to be the first one to meet Necron, however, meeting Necron means being the only one who wants to sacrifice their life for eternal glory. Gear, Verr and other's have all shown intrest to meet Necron, however characters like Heisei have shown that they have no interest in participating.

Prize for WinningEdit

Necron has stated that winning will grant all the wishes, in exhange for the powerful souls they murder. Each character wants their own prize.

Verr's PrizeEdit

Verr has stated that if he won, he would live his life with Teneris.

Teneris' PrizeEdit

Teneris has stated he has no idea about what he would want as a prize.

Gear's PrizeEdit

Gear has stated that if he had one wish, it would be to bring his brother back to life.



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